Isolata Isolata

ISOLATA is a series of mobile web-based interactive audio games from It's Not A Box Theatre, designed to be experienced entirely in your home. We begin with a trilogy of thrillers, each an original story from a different subgenre, all exploring connection and trust in our collective isolation. If you are not afraid to play in the dark, all you need is a smartphone and a few household items. You can play alone or with others (online or in the same home) depending on the episode, and they are entirely free to play.

Episode I: The Drowned

Written by: Katelyn Polischuk
Directed by: Torien Cafferata
Length: ~30 min
Players: 1-2 (must play in same home)
Props: candle + lighter or matches
Content Warnings: child death, su*cide, drowning, implied intimate abuse

Synopsis: Some children never grow up. A simple game of hide-and-seek ended Danny’s life when he was seven years old, and now ...

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