Isolata Isolata

ISOLATA is a series of mobile web-based interactive audio games from It's Not A Box Theatre, designed to be experienced entirely in your home. We begin with a trilogy of thrillers, each an original story from a different subgenre, all exploring connection and trust in our collective isolation. If you are not afraid to play in the dark, all you need is a smartphone and a few household items. You can play alone or with others (online or in the same home) depending on the episode, and they are entirely free to play.

Episode I: The Drowned

Written by: Katelyn Polischuk
Directed by: Torien Cafferata
Length: ~30 min
Players: 1-2 (must play in same home)
Props: candle + lighter or matches
Content Warnings: child death, su*cide, drowning, implied intimate abuse

Synopsis: Some children never grow up. A simple game of hide-and-seek ended Danny’s life when he was seven years old, and now ...he always plays with whomever asks. In this guided ghost ritual, dug out from the bowels of the internet, you will be invited to reenact that fateful game — so long as you wait until night is at its darkest. Best played with someone you trust inside your home, but you may play alone if you dare. Follow instructions carefully and you just might find the secret Danny is hiding. Will you play pretend to keep a story alive? Or will you let it die?

Accessibility Mode: if mobility to different rooms in your home is a barrier, you may listen to the story in a bathroom or bedroom in the dark or low light, with a candle you feel safe with.

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